How to become a successful bettor using bDiary 1st part

The winning betting player does not just happen from day to day and if you like to rely on and you are lazy, you will never be profitable in the betting odds. Unfortunately, this is a fact. Betting bureaus today make money every day to bettors who make ticks without any strategy or meaning. They just pick a few matches and that's why it's going on. Such bettors are 99% unsuccessful in their actions ...

Finding information and correctly evaluating statistics is important for creating a high-quality analysis that should help us decide if the bet is a good one for us. Another equally important element of successful betting is to have an overview of all bets placed across betting bets. " Knowing how much I actually claim in the Tisport for a week ... " It's only a matter of betting money that will not be missed to me in case of a loss. Bringing money for rent and food is paving the way to hell and never do it!

An overview of how many you are bidding and winning bDiary automatically counts and shows you in a timely fashion .

Data import

To do so you can start enjoying all the benefits bDiary must fulfill their account tickets. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Using the Slimporter add - in that manages to quickly and easily copy the ticket into the app.
  2. Manually in the application

If you have an online account with Tisport / Chance or Fortuny, you can recommend the 1st variant using the add-on. If you have a different bet or you are betting on a branch, you must use the 2nd option.


How easy it is to add a Slimporter ticket can be found in this video.

Manually adding


That's what we're doing today, next time we'll show you how to make the most of the bDiary's automatically generated statistics.


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