Betting system Martingale - Will it make us profit?

One of the best-known betting systems is called Martingale. The system originated in the 18th century in France. It is used for all games where at least two times the deposit, such as roulette or betting, is paid in the case of winnings.

System principle

The principle is to double the deposit if we lose in the previous round. In the event of a win, we will return the money lost in the previous round plus the bet. Example: Starting with 100 CZK, the first ticket with course 3 will come out, so we have 200 CZK in extra. We'll bet the second ticket for $ 100, but unfortunately we're losing, so we're $ 100 in extra. However, the third bet will be bet on twice the previous deposit, ie. for 200 CZK, but the ticket will not resume us again. So we put the fourth ticket for 400 CZK and so all the time ...

Betting system conditions

  • course> 2


At first glance, it may seem that Martingale is a good system that brings us a long-term profit, so we have decided to verify this assumption in practice and test the system with bDiary.

Analyzed accounts

We'll name the accounts for better orientation.

  • Pepa has an account with 9 tickets and a balance of CZK 203,401
  • Tomáš has an account with 2 tickets and a balance of -51 422 CZK
  • Kurt has an account with 4 tickets and a balance of CZK 2,032


Testing was divided into two types, the first with unchanged deposits, the second with the same first deposit of CZK 100.

Default deposit

  • Pepa would improve thanks to Martingale, instead of CZK 203,401 he would have a balance of CZK 237,515 at the highest bet of CZK 640.

  • Tomáš would hurt CZK -51 422 would fall to -134 766 CZK. It should be noted that at the first ticket the bet was CZK 44 922. The second one is 89,844 CZK.

  • Kurt would also hurt from 2032 CZK to just 60 CZK at the highest bet of 144CZK.

This Martingale test does not come out in the good light, we'll see how it goes through the test with the same deposits.

Basic Deposit 100 CZK

  • Pepa this time started with hundreds and after the betting puts an extra of 1 1875 73 CZK. Pepa is simply a child of happiness.

  • Tomi bet only two tickets for an unusually low amount for him, which means that this time he is only $ 300 in minus.

  • The next time Kurt gets the idea to try Martingale, he will definitely let go of his head. Thanks to Martingale, it was only $ 166 at the highest bet of $ 400.

Pepa and Tomas have improved, Kurt is worse, but at least he stayed up.


System benefits

  • simplicity

Disadvantages of the system

  • in the case of longer KO series huge huge deposits

Our tests have shown that if you are a child lucky or a millionaire and do not mind betting tens of thousands of crowns, Martingale does not have to be a bad choice for you. But now ... seriously ... for 2-3 tickets this system may not be bad, but in the long run it's financial suicide. Just bring a series of 6 KO tickets and from the original bet 100 czk is a shot of CZK 6400 ... So we do NOT recommend this betting system .


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